I have been a professional astrologer since 2004. I work with clients to understand and navigate the sometimes complex areas of life, including relationships, career choices, health and other issues. My style blends together depth psychology and evolutionary astrology to bring together an understanding of patterns and cycles in a person’s life. I work with individuals, couples and families to support deeper understanding of core issues and offers insight into ways to move forward.


 “On  earth as it is in Heaven” underscores the basic philosophy of astrology for me.

-or as within, so without. There is a mirroring inherent between our inner dynamic and the shape of our lives. synchronicity is reflected in the birth chart and understood as “what is alive in us is often brought to us.” Our inner life, as illustrated by the birth chart, reveals  archetypal themes, as well as personal needs as symbolized by the planets and signs they inhabit. Astrology is but one tool with which to understand more deeply the cycles and patterns playing out in a person’s life. A chart reading can foster a sense of understanding of ones needs and desires and help navigate a natural flown. Less effort, more grace.


“I had my children’s chart read and it helped me immensely. The reading gave me a deep appreciation of who they are, not who I think they should be, or want them to be. I can now support them in their natural growth toward themselves. I have experienced a big  difference with our relationship." —JC


“Having my chart interpreted has allowed me to accept myself on a new level. It also offered me a deeper perspective on the cycles of my life, how to work with the conflicts so they become opportunities, not obstacles. I am deeply grateful for this knowledge and return every year for a solar return.” —KR


“I had my chart read with my sister and we gained so much insight into our family dynamics. It has been very healing and I now use astrology to understand the cycles of my life, changes in work, relationships, etc. A very useful tool!” —DL


Sessions include:

• Artwork that reflects key insights

• 80 minute recording onto a CD



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